Party Pro Erica Schwartzberg’s Ingredients For The Perfect Bash

Erica Schwartzberg, Real Estate Development and Sales, Event Planner, and "Good Vibes Coordinator"
Native New Yorker Erica Schwartzberg's nightlife career started at a young, and, dare we say, illegal age. A youth spent sneaking into '80s night at the lost and lamented Don Hill's prepped her for an adulthood managing the atmosphere at hotspots like the Wythe Hotel, working the real-estate scene for Tungsten Property, and connecting the right people to the right events. Now a professional party host and certified nightlife doyenne at 31, Schwartzberg fills us in on how the scene is changing, the ingredients for the perfect event, and her favorite party-time tipple. Step in, all you VIPs.
You're a full-fledged NYC-nightlife vet with the scars to prove it. How do you think the scene is changing?
"Well, Don Hill's closed down two years ago — pour a little out. To me, that’s emblematic to how ephemeral New York nightlife is right now. These days, with all the expensive real estate, community boards are putting the kibosh on club owners obtaining permits, so pop-ups are becoming popular. Same with my roving Brooklyn event, Birthday Party. It provides a noncommittal newness, you know? Actually, I just spent a few weeks in Buenos Aires. The nightlife there makes NYC seem sluggish. It’s tapped directly into the local arts community, and I'd like to channel that into my parties. You know, throw a party at Kenny Scharf's Cosmic Cavern. Stuff like that."
Where else would you like to host?
"Versailles Cuban Restaurant in Miami and the Holiday Inn on Delancey Street."
Oh, that sounds awesome. Can you enlighten our amateur event coordinators in the audience with your ingredients for the perfect bash?
"The elements of a good bash are totally dependent on the occasion. I appreciate a casual 'anything goes' environment...and one that provides snacks! Being in real estate, I find discovering a space for a party is the most exciting, whether it be a raw basement or an extravagant ballroom. The vibe, of course, will be dictated by the people you choose to fill the space. In my case, they just happen to be my ridiculously fun friends. Buying some glow sticks and confetti canons goes over pretty well, too. If you're having issues, contact me and I can help curate!"
What's the biggest party foul you've ever committed?
"I've been so fashionably late, I actually missed the party."
And what's your cocktail of choice during one of your soirées?
"The Malibu Island Spiced and pineapple Chaise Lounge is a classic drink. Sipping on one makes me feel like I'm at a hotel poolside in Miami or some fabulous respite from over-the-top partying. Hopefully there are multiple drink umbrellas involved, as well."

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Photographed at Edi & The Wolf, 102 Avenue C; 212-598-1040. Advertisement