Can Redheads Wear Hot Pink? Let’s Ask Emma Stone

And now friends, we've finally come to that age-old question, that burning query that's always been our lips...can redheads wear hot pink? As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, so we're letting our favorite new style icon, Emma Stone, err, speak for herself. On Thursday night, the star of The Help (which we're dying to see), sauntered onto the NYC set of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon rocking Christopher Kane's watermelon pink sheath dress with bright green Brian Atwood pumps. Guess what? We're smitten. Seriously, we have to give a hand to Stone's powerhouse stylist, Petra Flannery (who also dresses Zoe Saldana and Meghan Fox) for being ballsy enough to dress her client in a combination of mouth-watering hues—think a recurring grey and pink, that famous peach Calvin Klein with the startling blonde hair at the Golden Globes, and a red and pink number to the Friends With Benefits premiere. But, what do you think? Is it too brash, or just really, really bad-ass?

Image courtesy of PR Consulting.