Ellie Eckert Tells Her West Side Story

Y'all know about Ellie Eckert? Why, she's only one of our favorite style bloggers out there. Actually, it's a little unfair to call her just a "style blogger." See, unlike your typical Tumblr-ing tastemaker who just puts up shots of her outfits, Eckert fills her site, City Brewed, with all of her worldly adventures in travel, food, and life. It just so happens that she punctuates every one of her posts with a shot of her always on-point, always feminine style.
That being the case, we thought we'd tag along for one of her outings in one of her favorite spots, the Meatpacking District. Eckert scrambled up two simple looks you to feast your eyes on (and plan your fall around) featuring some great cold-weather Timberland boot options, while offering little tidbits about what makes this part of town so darn special in her stylish heart. Got your walking boots on? Good. Click on, because we've got places to go. Styled by Jennifer Steele; Hair and Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci.

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