Elizabeth Olsen Is Ridiculously Humble, Says Her Sisters Are Classier

When your older sisters are two of the most famous celebs around, who just so happen to be rolling in it, it's fair to assume there would be plenty of sibling rivalry. But, in Lizzie Olsen's case, her family keeps the peace better than any familial unit we've heard of... or she's a dang good liar.
The up-and-coming movie star (soon to be seen in Very Good Girls) recently gave an interview to Grazia, in which she talked up all things MK&A, including addressing the rampant comparisons between herself and the twins. Not so surprisingly, Lizzie conducted herself with the ultimate poise, though — shocker! —  she completely downplayed her own fashion sense. The star claimed that she hardly ever shops, and that most of her style savvy can be attributed to her sisters.

"Most of my clothes are from The Row," said Olsen. "And if I'm not wearing The Row, then it's something I saw in their closet...They have extensive, beautiful wardrobes." Lizzie also played the humble card and completely downplayed her own look: "They're classier and more interesting while I'm a pretty basic dresser." While we completely get behind any star with a less-than-inflated ego, this has us wondering: If Elizabeth Olsen is a basic dresser, what does that make us? If wearing high-end designers and borrowing clothes from
The Olsen Twins
qualifies as "basic," we shudder to think what that means for our wardrobe. Weigh in: Is Lizzie oh-so-endearing, or just plain out of touch when it comes to her wardrobe? (Huffington Post)


Photo: Via Huffington Post