Shop Like An Egyptian: This Label Looks Back For Modern Inspiration

Here in L.A., we're used to cultures clashing and mashing together like nowhere else on Earth – but our latest fashion find recalls a magical time and space waaay outside this city. Edith Palm designer Sarah Aaronson released her new collection, “Le peignoir égyptienne” (translated: “the Egyptian bathrobe”), and we're seriously pining after the show-stopping, Ancient Egyptian wonders. This Saturday, the label's hosting a trunk show featuring their new line, and you'd have to be in some serious de-Nile to think it's okay to miss out.
You can watch the Edith Palm collection come alive in this amazing surrealist-worthy stop-motion vid, but once you're done, you'll definitely want to take a closer look at what's in store, in our gallery ahead.
The lovely bespoke pieces, which range from delicate sheer tops to stunning dip-dyed dresses, evoke the scorching heat of Ancient Egypt, while showcasing luxe craftsmanship that even members of the pharaoh's court would've envied. Forget Priscilla: You'll be the new Queen of the Desert in these made-to-measure garments.
When: Saturday, April 28, from 1 to 5 p.m.
Where: RSVP here for the sale location.

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