9 Products To Keep Your Your Edges Laid Forever

Of all the hot topics surrounding natural hair, edges (the shorter strands around your hairline) seem to be the most debated. Some men and women choose to lay them down, while others let their baby hairs fly. They've been at the center of both controversy — and plenty of pop culture references. ("My edges were snatched" might describe a response to a shocking scenario, or a live Beyoncé performance. "Your mom has no edges" are fighting words.)
But wherever you stand on the subject, we can all agree that finding a product that works on them is still a struggle. (Take it from me, someone who has yet to find a gel strong enough for my own baby hairs). To help, some of our favorite celebrity stylists shared the edge control products that they keep in their kits. These outlast any red carpet or outdoor concert — at a variety of price points. Just make sure you have your toothbrush handy.
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