Ebay, Where Fast-Fashion Collabs Go To Die

Yes, there was once a time when eBay sellers could demand a very pretty penny for, say, a jacket from Karl Lagerfeld's H&M collection or a sweater from the mega-retailer's Viktor & Rolf offerings. But no longer. According to The Cut, the once burgeoning cottage industry of selling selections from fast-fashion collabs at inflated prices has bottomed out only a couple of years after popping into existence. Point of fact, H&M's recent and well-received Margiela collection just isn't doing much business on the secondary markets.
The reasons are simple — and interesting. Essentially, the availability of these items via the Internet automatically lessens the exclusivity and, thus, the price. As well, retailers like Target and H&M have learned that they can make more money by creating more product. Consequently, the market is flooded with Alice + Oliva luggage and Margiela pieces that can no longer command a high price, leaving some eBay sellers with closets full of goods they can't move. Frowny face, right? Anyways, click ahead for an interesting read on fashion supply-and-demand in the digital age. (The Cut)
Photo: Courtesy H&M

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