4 Comfy Travel Outfits You Can SO Wear In Public

Keeping cozy for us usually involves a couch, Ritz Crackers coated in Nutella, and a Law & Order: SVU marathon. And our outfit of choice? A worn-in college tee and sweatpants, of course. But, during the holidays, we need to translate these at-home comforts for airport, train, and bus terminals: Swapping the jar of hazelnut spread for granola bars, televisions for iPhone screens, and living-room furniture for economy-class seats.
Our outfits undergo a similar revamp so we can be fit to walk out in public. But, since the lazy-girl in us doesn't want to compromise on comfort one bit, we styled our favorite relaxation staples — like black leggings, skinny jeans, and sweater dresses — into four looks that don't suck. Because, the physical act of traveling is sucky enough.
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