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4 Quick & Healthy Recipes Anyone Can Whip Up

We’re all busy people, but that doesn’t mean our diets should pay the price. Even if you’ve moved beyond heating up a cup of ramen in the office kitchen, those daily Seamless orders are not doing your stomach (or wallet!) any favors. Kick your New Year’s resolution into high gear and revamp your food game! 
Luckily for you, we are coming to your rescue with four fresh and easy recipes you can whip up in that tiny studio apartment of yours.  Awesomely Instagram-worthy, refreshingly healthy, and simple enough for those among us with zero culinary skills, these dishes from FreshDirect will have all of your friends impressed, and leave your wallet and stomach happy!
What’s more? While we're in the mood to refine our mealtime rituals, Refinery29, FreshDirect, and Gothamist are giving one lucky reader $1,000 to shop FreshDirect and one year's worth of monthly meals from Kitchensurfing. So, what are you waiting for? Flip through for major cooking inspiration, and then head on over to win the ultimate cooking prize!