The Coolest Nail Colors That Cost Less Than A Mani

Getting a manicure is supposed to be a relaxing activity. But damnit if any attempt at Zen is dashed the minute a manicurist asks us to pick a color. The choices are overwhelming — and the panic is real: With pale pinks as far as the eye can see, which one variant on the shade is the right one?
To help quell our shade-picking anxiety, we asked the biggest drugstore brands to share which nail polish shades are most universally loved. Not only did they fill us in on the exact shades of nail-color classics (true red, pale pink, and burgundy) that consistently rank best in class, but they also revealed some pretty unconventional hues that have reached best-seller status, too.
Ahead, see which deep-red polish looks good against a spectrum of skin tones, the wedding-ready pale pink that even the Queen of England calls her signature, and the blues and greens that are becoming the new cult classics.

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