Bet You Didn’t Know Drugstore Makeup Could Do This

With fashion, we give ourselves free reign to splurge on basics. (Because, you'll totally wear that leather jacket for, like, ever.) But, when it comes to makeup, we stock up on our essentials — those everyday products that get us from point A to point B — at the drugstore. The cheaper, the better: No muss, no fuss. And, let's be honest, no pizzazz.
But, just because your makeup came from CVS doesn't mean it has to be...well, basic. In fact, some budget finds are the best for experimenting with your look. Because, hey — if you hate the way something turns out, it won't set you back more than a cup of coffee.
To prove it, we enlisted the help of Janessa Paré — makeup guru and owner of a seriously imaginative cosmetics palette. The challenge: Pick five products that cost under $10 each, and whip up seven different looks using just them. Impossible? We thought so, too. But, just ahead, Paré shows us exactly what our drugstore makeup can really do.

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