Bottle Shock: Drew Barrymore's Peddling Wine — With Shepard Fairey Designs

Sure, we’ve seen a crazy number of collabs come and go, and truth be told, we aren’t necessarily stirred when we hear the news of just any ol' team-up (it takes a lot to shock us, you know). But, we’ll go out on a limb and say we were pretty surprised when we caught wind of street artist Shepard Fairey and starlet Drew Barrymore working together — on a vino venture.
The two impresarios have joined forces to craft up a luxe label design for Barrymore’s brand of Pinot Grigio — which hits Cali stores soon. Such an unexpected, yet cool combo! The aptly named alcohol (it's called Barrymore) will feature a large, decorative “B” (Drew’s family crest), but revamped with Fairey’s illustrative style, natch.
We’re not sure how we feel about Drew hopping on the beverage bandwagon (hey, Bethenny made gajillions!), but we do dig that she brought Shepard on board to work his artsy alchemy. We just hope the booze inside the bottle lives up to the pretty packaging. But we're willing to do a taste test, should anyone be offering.
Photo: Via Oh No They Didn't

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