Dough Boy

With a new wallet design, Timo Weiland shows us how the green gets greener. By Johnathan Lawhorne
You've got some cash with the best of environmentally responsible intentions. But where to put it? Designer Timo Weiland has the answer. His clever contribution to the ever-growing green revolution comes in the form of sustainable wallets that are as socially smart as they are stylish. "Though they maintain simple construction, the composition of the patterns—graphic artwork, abstract photography, metallics, and other mixed-media prints—distinguish each piece as a unique work of art," he says. "A big part of the 'design' is that we use eco-friendly materials such as recyclable paper, soy ink, post-consumer vinyl, and polyethylene laminant."
With their sleek, back-pocket-perfect design, TIMO! Wallets boast just the right fit for the no-fuss guy who still has an eye for the sleek and uncommon. In fact, it was Weiland's own search for a super-slim wallet that snugly slipped into his skinny jeans that jumpstarted the line. "We wanted to create basic bi-fold and tri-fold wallets that allowed users to streamline their life with slim construction and small sizes," he says. "Plus, sustainability has always been integral to our philosophy."
Though there are plenty of outspoken designs to choose from—think eye-popping pixilated scans and wild graphic illustrations—our favorite from the bunch is one with a slightly psychedelic, painterly quality with bold brushstrokes. "It was made as a late birthday gift for a friend of mine," he says. "In a mind-altered state, we snapped a photo of the icing on the birthday cake and morphed it into an abstract print." Talk about sweet satisfaction.
TIMO! Wallets, $35 each, are available at Blue & Cream, 1 East 1st Street; 212-533-3088.
With a new wallet design, Timo Weiland shows us how the green gets greener.

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