Oh Look, Someone Rounded Up All Of The Skeeziest Bars In L.A.

Sure, our fair city is one of the nation’s most spot-on sources for postcard-worthy beaches, sleek shops, and innovative bars — but sadly, along with all the great havens, we also get some awful, avoid-at-all-costs, sicko-filled spots. While R29 doesn't highlight these venues for obvious reasons, our friends over at Complex have your back. They've gone ahead and called out the douchiest venues in town — so you know to walk away the next time someone suggests Saddle Ranch (in case that wasn’t already a given).
We'll admit that we don't totally agree with every spot on this list (we enjoy the occasional outing at SkyBar, does that make us questionable characters?). Take a peek at the list, tell us how you feel about L.A.’s “douchiest” bars, and hit the comments bar with your additions! (Complex)

Photo: Via Complex

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