The Insta-Famous Highlighter That Works For All Skin Tones

Unless you're an active participant in the Instagram beauty community, chances are you've never heard of Dose Of Colors before. Less known in the mainstream, it might shock you that the brand has over 2 million followers and consumers have a two-product limit when purchasing from the brand — that's how in demand the products are.
There's no denying that on social media, Dose Of Colors (DOC) has an insane fan base — but are the products actually good? When I tried them for the first time last year, I was fully prepared to chalk the popularity up to IG buzz (spoiler alert: it's actually awesome). Now, here I am a year later in love with the DOC's new highlighter.
I'll be honest — Insta-famous highlighters tend to veer too metallic and glittery for my taste. (Great for selfies, not so much for real life.) Sure, I love a visible, ask-me-about-my-highlight glow, but chunky sparkle or in-your-face sheen has never been my cup of tea. That's why this powder from DOC is so amazing. It contains micro-fine shimmer that looks glow-y (read: not glittery). One swipe onto my cheekbones catches the light in the best, most subtle way. And two or three layers? It produces a strobed-effect with a lot more impact.

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The shade range is excellent, too. I'm partial to the lighter shades, like Icy You Baby (pearly white) and Dream On (frosted pink), while Melonade, Royal Hotness, and Gold Is The New Black are incredibly flattering on deeper skin tones. (I've swatched the colors in the order listed here on the left, while beauty writer Khalea Underwood reversed the order.)
The powder itself is soft and buttery — it never looks the slightest bit chalky or dry on the skin. The pigmentation is insane, too, it almost veers into eyeshadow territory, in the best possible way.
My favorite way to apply these is with a fan brush or Sigma's Powder Sweep brush, two tools that can apply sheer layers or heavy hits of pigment, depending on how much you pick up and layer on. I've been wearing these puppies all week and I already know they're going to be staples in my summer makeup bag. In fact, as I type this I've checked myself out in the mirror just under 358 times.
Dose Of Colors Supreme Glow Highlighter in Icy You Baby, $28, available at Dose Of Colors.

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