The Perfect Dinner Party: Dom Pérignon Takes Over Acme

Champagne hangovers are the worst. Literally, fear. But sometimes the bubbles overload is worth that third Advil, especially when the 'pagne in question is Dom Pérignon. The storied French brand is no stranger to throwing ragers in NYC—witness the dance moves that glow-in-the-dark Dom creates. So, last Wednesday, you can imagine we got our Thursday work done early in preparation for their second annual "Just For Fun," dinner, masterminded by the queen of fun herself, Ursula Damani at Nadine Johnson and creative-man-about-town Johnny Misheff, held at NYC happening haute-spot Acme. Ostensibly celebrating Pérignon's master winemaker (or if you wanna get fancy, oneologist) Vincent Chaperon, the supper, as the name suggests, was more of an opportunity to catch up with new and old amis alike, albeit with a collaborative performance between French composer Koudlam and his friend, artist Rita Ackerman.
Since the bites and bubbles were also billed as a get-together to toast the "power of creation," or Dom's support of the arts, it's no shocker our fellow table-mates included the crafty crowd, museum heavyweights, and perpetual good-time girls and gals (in a lot of white before Memorial Day): model Lily Kwong, The Webster owner Laure Heriard Dubreuil, Chloë Sevigny, Michelle Violy Harper, designer Johan Lindeberg, Michael Stipe, and Jenny Shimuzu ('member her) noshed on signature Acme bites like duck in a jar and those depressingly good donut holes while getting very, very generous refills of the sparkly stuff. Though we couldn't last past midnight, with the level of our head pounding in the a.m. we can't imagine the migraines of the late-night sippers. "But it was just for fun..." somehow didn't cut it as our excuse the next day.
Photo: Joe Schildhorn/; Courtesy of Nadine Johnson.