Doc Martens Ups The Ante With Lines From Raf Simons and Yohji Yamamoto

When the weather turns nasty and crossing an intersection becomes a test in puddle-hopping, we turn to our trusty black Doc Martens lace-ups for footwear that won't make us look like we just stepped off Captain Gorton's fish-stick boat. Though, when compared to their more stylish siblings, it's obvious that our standard 8-hole Docs got gypped when it came to looks. Raf Simons' shiny metallic line drops in September, and Yohji Yamamoto does his in two tweedy color-ways as well as some in bright paisleys. Breathing new life into the utilitarian shoe, these Docs will help your feet dress their best—and in the brand's traditional sturdy build, they'll be sure to last you through the slushy months! (The Cut / Paper Mag)
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