Trashy New DIY Trend: Bubble Wrap, Plastic Bag, and Coat Hangers for the Recessionista!

In today's edition of DIY fashions for the budget-conscious recessionista, we're going to show you how to make the dress that Siri Tollerød wears in the latest issue of DANSK magazine. All you will need is a roll of bubble wrap and lots of plastic bags. Simply weave the bubble wrap around your body, scrunch up the plastic bags and tape them together, and: Voila! Plastic bag headpiece and bubble wrap frock.
Okay, seriously though: Siri rocks hats made out of crumpled magazine pages and a tin foil hair bow like nobody's business, but all this usage of recycled items (Karl's paper headpieces, Margiela's shoelace dress) has us wondering if high fashion is taking a turn for the low-brow. What's next, the return of Twizzler necklaces, the ones you used to make and then eat in grade school? Alright, alright. Somebody point us to the stapler gun.

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