DIY Miniature Versions Of All Of Lady Gaga's Dresses

Dressing up your dolls Lady Gaga-style is old news by now (case in point, Veik's Lady Gaga Barbies we covered last year), but since then, the Dame of Drama has been seen in scores of other ridiculous costumes that beg to be recreated, miniature-style. Check out all of these short videos that feature one really handy crafter that recreates the most iconic of Lady Gaga's dresses—including the meat one, the lobster one, the bubble one, the spiky one... say goodbye to your morning, folks. (BandaiUK via Racked)
Click through for all nine videos.
The Meat Dress
The Red Lace Dress
The Orbit Dress
The Lobster Dress
The Angular Silver Dress
The Bubble Dress
The Angular Gold Dress
The Americana Telephone Dress
The Armani Grammy Dress

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