How To Find The Best Makeup For Your Skin Tone

One of the most coveted beauty styles on the red carpet ever is the no-makeup-makeup look — a flawless face that seemingly glows all by itself. While it might look like a certain singer woke up like that, in reality, it’s the result of a slew of skin-perfecting beautifiers and a whole team of trained pros. But, with the right know-how, nailing a natural look and enhancing what you have IRL doesn’t always require a fully stacked glam squad. To prove it, we called up makeup artist Anna Webber to break down how to get the most flattering, natural look for every skin tone. And, here's the kicker: We promise you can do it yourself.
The first step to achieving a fresh face lies in the products. Not only do they have to be good quality, they also have to complement your skin tone and your undertones. To know if you're warm or cool, check the color of your veins in your wrists. If they seem more blue or purple, you have cool, pink undertones; if they look yellow or olive, you have warm, golden undertones; and if they look blue or green, then you're neutral.
Got your undertones identified (and here's to hoping you know your skin tone)? Webber walks us through a range of diverse skin tone and undertone combos ahead, sharing the only makeup products you need to accentuate your best features and get a soft, pretty look that you can choose to amp up or play down. Click on to find yours, and get ready to look beautiful — naturally.

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