4 Alternatives To This Sold Out Lip Tint

You always want what you can’t have — especially when it comes to beauty products. That’s why we’re getting the inside scoop from your favorite retailers on what’s selling out right now, how to sign up for waitlists, and where to go to find the next best thing. Because if everyone’s buying it, you know it has to be good.
Summer is on the horizon and that means it's time for the seasonal makeup shift, when we ditch our heavier, moodier products for lighter, brighter options. After you set aside the full-coverage foundation, turn to your lipstick collection.
Of course, you can wear opaque liquid lipsticks and deep purple shades all through the summer if you desire, but we find lip tints the most appealing in the dog days. It seems tons of other people do, too, because three out of four shade of Dior's Lip Tattoo are sold out at Sephora. The tint in question offers medium, buildable color and lasts for hours, making it an easy option to reach for on days when sopping up sweat and dealing with out-of-control humidity hair take priority over reapplying lipstick.
Since all but one of the shades is sold out, we've gathered some available alternatives that hold their own. Check 'em out in the slides ahead.