Rad Or Bad: Being Covered In Tiny, Enamel Bugs

Okay, hear us out. Normally, the idea of being covered in bugs ranks right up there with being trapped in a slowly sinking car or finding a meat man, on the list of things we absolutely don't want to experience in life. But these cute, enamel ladybug pins by Diana Eng have kind of crawled all over our hearts.
Maybe it's because the level of detail astonishes us — they're hand-painted to match 11 different species of Coccinellidae (which you can learn all about on the site) and even the undersides of the pins are anatomically correct. Or, maybe we just love the colorful little swarm they form when a whole bunch of them are pinned onto an outfit — and, alright, maybe we think it would be cool to freak someone out with our faux infestation. But, are we just bugging out here? Would you cover yourself in a bunch of (fake) teeny-weeny insects, or do these little enamel critters creep you out?

Photo: Courtesy of Diana Eng

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