60 Seconds With Devon Aoki

Last night, we started NYFW a little early with a super-chill supper on ASMALLWORLD Chairman Patrick Liotard Vogt's rooftop. The soirée, an informal kick-off to fashion week with magician David Blaine in support of Lets F Cancer, had a smattering of familiar front row faces—Waris Ahluwalia, Bonnie Morrison, Lorenzo Martone, Fernanda Motta, and Devon Aoki, whom we zeroed in on to scoop her Fashion Week plans. The model and actress, who is hard-to-talk to hot, was more than happy to chat with us, and by the end of the convo, we sorta want her to be our best friend.

Let's cut to the chase! What are you doing for Fashion Week?
"I'm here working. It's become the most exciting event in NYC I think—for me it's always been a lot of fun. It's really cool to see the ads in the taxis, every store has FNO posters in the windows. The energy around the event and around the week is really powerful."

Are you doing any shows?
"I don't really do shows so much anymore...I am past my expiration date, honestly."

Umm. Impossible. Are you hosting anything from FNO?
"I'll be at the Valentino event. Playing poker."

Are you good at poker. Are you gonna whoop our ass?
"No I am not, but I guess I should sit next to you. I am gonna really need help."

We can't bluff though.

"Yea, we're gonna need the idiots guide to poker!"

Let's move on! What's your secret for looking good for NYFW?
"With all the delicious food and wine everywhere, just try and make it to the gym for an hour. Or if you can try and hit Central Park—I like to run and bike there."

What's you fave all-time piece of clothing that you own?
"It would have to be a vintage Azzedine Alaïa gown that's beaded—it's maroon, it's gorgeous, I think it's from the '80s."

Will it make an appearance during Fashion Week?
"No, I didn't bring it. I am really looking forward to wearing something that I haven't worn yet. That's a favorite piece, though, if only because it was a gift from my mother. Anything from my mom has sentimental value, and I am kinda excited that she decided to give me those things."


What's one of your favorite beauty products....we all want to look like you!
"I use a lot of things...you don't want to go into my bathroom right now. But, I have been using a Bobbi Brown foundation lately that I really like. I also use Juicy Tubes by Lancome.

Ha, that's really high school.
"Yea it is, but I can't get away from the lip gloss thing!"

We promised we'd be as clueless as her on Friday night when it comes to poker, and in the meantime, we're running to Sephora to grab a Juicy Tube—Cherry Burst to be exact.