DesignerSocial x Refinery29 Vintage 90’s Chanel Bag Giveaway

With our crazy shopping addiction (yes, we're finally admitting it), we covet closet space as much as new designer handbags. While we hate cleaning out our closets, making room for our new purchases makes the task much more worth it. DesignerSocial, an online marketplace for shopping and swapping new and vintage designer handbags and accessories, has made this chore even easier by allowing members to list items for sale, without any fees, and they manage the entire transaction until the item is sold. All you have to do is describe the item and upload the photo, and nothing has to be mailed until it sells. Wasn't that easy, Cinderella? Now that you've cleared away storage space, DesignerSocial and Refinery29 are giving away a vintage 90's quilted Chanel flap bag valued at $1,600, though we doubt this would ever leave your shoulder. Just provide your email address and be entered to win. Also, now through May 31, get $1 for every friend you refer, even if they never buy anything. With the new closet space, money earned, and DesignSocial's deals and insider discounts, you'll be shopping, swapping, and selling like it's your job!

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