The Latest and Greatest Designer Blogs Out There--Read On!

Like the rest of you, checking up on our favorite fashion blogs has become as routine as our morning coffee. And since all the really, really good, fun, original blogs are injected with the magic of their truly stylish creators, it only makes sense that some would be penned by designers themselves. And the day-to-day documentation of the industry's most fashionable minds is turning out some seriously neat stuff for us to chew on, whether they're joy-riding around Europe or working on their newest collection. These five designer blogs—including Jason Wu's newly opened W Studio—have us scrolling starry-eyed.
The ladies of Vena Cava have such killer style instincts that we would actually feel cheated if they didn't keep a blog. On Viva Vena Cava, Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai share their favorite finds in interiors, films, muses, and locations. You'll even find gems like a recipe for "graveyard flan" and bark cloth textile paintings by tribes in the Congo—inspiration abound!
Brooklyn-based designer Samantha Pleet satisfies her fan base with a multitude of online media, from the dreamy films she uploads per-delivery to her photo-heavy blog, Here There and Back Again, which tracks her creative adventures in Brooklyn and beyond. Expect plenty of party pics, field trips, and pretty clothes.
Jason Wu's blog, The W Studio, is a bit less personal than our other faves, considering he isn't the one rattling away on the keyboard at 3 a.m., nor are there any fuzzy cellphone photos of his lesser-known side (and you know how we love those!), but this blog is clean, informative, and fun to follow! We hope he'll eventually have time to start updating it himself.
Though Anna Sheffield's blog content is conceived by her muses and friends in addition to herself, her personal story comes through loud and clear. The posts contain things like beach trip relics, jewelry design, home decor, and events—all reflective of her trans-global roots, planted from New Mexico to Saudi Arabia.
We always knew Araks Yeramyan had an arty streak. Though her deceptively simple lingerie and ready-to-wear border on the basic, her designs definitely have a story to tell—whether through nifty fabrications or affectionate details. Her blog, though equally straightforward, offers more to think about, too. We never knew a yellow baby rhinoceros or a completely blue Dutch building could be so interesting, but through Araks eyes, they are.
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