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Beautiful images and non-stop round-the-world adventures are musts for the best of bloggers. So, it's no wonder that more and more globe-trotting top models are turning to the web to tell their side of the glam life. From the poetic musings of Daul Kim to the chatty ruminations of Coco Rocha, these pretty faces prove they can do more than just strike a pose--though, we suggest a good spell-checker and flickr account to take it to the next level. And with the upcoming debut of the "The Beautiful Life," a new CW drama centered around a gaggle of co-ed mods living in NYC, peeping into the lives of these mysterious beauties won't be too hard. But if you want even more behind-the-scenes scoop, flip through these model blogs-- they may not be Pulitzer contenders, but they sure are a good read.
Coco Rocha, Oh So Coco
Coco Rocha dominates the catwalk and the glossiest of mag pages, but from her sweet blogspot, you'd never guess the 20-year-old stunner routinely rubs elbows with the biggest in the fashion world. We're fans of her lip-dubbed videos (more of these, please!) but it's the posts where Coco's pictured with her BFF and fellow blogger Behati Prinsloo that has us hitting refresh.
Written in the kind of rambling style of e.e. cummings, the fierce-faced Daul Kim lays it all out on the line: insecurities, pure moments of sheer joy, and random inspirational videos and photographs all comprise her scattered posts. Revealing both the wonderful bits of the job (Independence! Art!) as well as the darker side, Daul shows that modeling truly is a multifaceted industry.
Cole Mohr, Slam Pigs
More like a compilation of THE strangest photos from the Internet, Cole Mohr's blog is as much an enigma as the scruffy-haired model from Texas. You might want to skip the images of…well, most of the images, but every once in a while you get treated to snippets of Cole's wry humor, which was almost enough to make up for all the horror we experienced upon seeing a bloody eyeball. NSFW (Don't say we didn't warn you.)
Elyse Sewell, Elyse Sewell
You might remember Elyse from her "America's Next Top Model" days when the pixie-coiffed looker spent more time talking books than making friends. Today, Elyse is a top-notch model in Asia—a gig that's lent her blog a ton of Lost In Translation-type stories as well as some of the most hilarious Engrish products we've seen stateside.
Laurel Stovall, It's Her Factory
Talk about a Cinderella story! Laurel Stoval ran her fashion blog for months before getting signed with Ford models. A true fashion devotee at heart, Laurel's meteoric rise has been chronicled on her blog between outfit posts, inspirational collages and personal snaps of her life outside of the tents.
With a famous webby brother, Jakob Lodwick—cofounder of College Humor and Vimeo, Lyle Lodwick seems to have blogging running through his blood. His addictive site is mostly filled with images of thin-framed models, but for more personal posts, go to his blog Eric Lodwick where he blogs under his real name.
Alexandra Spencer, 4th and Bleeker
We've always lusted after off-duty model style, and with Alexandra Spencer's popular personal style blog, 4th and Bleeker, we can get our fix anytime now. The model behind 4th and Bleeker's got a killer Erin-Wasson-Meets-Femmebot style, which has prompted us to dig out our spare shoulder-pads. Though, her flaxen hair and mile-long legs might be a little harder for us to come by.
Hanneli Mustaparta, Hanneli
Alas, not all models are English speakers, and we wish we spoke Norwegian so we could enjoy what's accompanying Hanneli's gorgeous pictures (the lady's also a photog!). Always first to pull of the latest trends and with an unbelievable collection of shoes to boot, Hanneli's blog is filled with hours of entertainment—and double, we suppose, if you speak the language!

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