Demi Moore Preps Out In NYC (But, Where’s Ashton?)


Yesterday, Demi Moore was spotted wearing one of our fave brands Band of Outsiders, rocking a majorly prepped-out look—pairing a denim button-down and leather pants with a chic B.O.O. checked blazer. But, where was Ashton? The
New York Post
reports he's been kicked to the curb! Rumors are swirling 'round that they're calling it quits on their six-year marriage because of Ashton's cheating ways. He reportedly slept with a 23-year-old after a drunken night out with the boys . . . and it happened on the couple's anniversary—really, Charlie Sheen Ashton? Though the celebs' reps have not commented on an impending separation, Demi has tweeted recently about having "your own back" and "trying to find the light [she] lost." This, coupled with her upcoming Lifetime show, Five (a partnership with Jennifer Aniston and Alicia Keys), hints that her single-lady attitude and new project may be covering up some at home problemos. We're sad about the rumors, but always welcome some swoon-worthy Hollywood singles. Especially if they're wearing Band of Outsiders.

Photo: Courtesy of Frame Noir