Defending the Duffle Coat: 6 Alternate Options for the Old Winter Standby

It takes a lot to get us riled up, but after we read this critical piece on our beloved duffle coat in Saturday's Guardian… well let's just say our hackles were raised. We've been in love with the warm, slouchy duffle since we first laid eyes on Paddington Bear all those years ago (whom the article called "naff," further stroking our ire). In any case, the piece had a good point—even the most time-honored style needs an update now and then and, pulling from our cheap coat research from the other week, we came up with six handsome options for the modern duffle. That accomplished, we think someone owes Paddington Bear an apology.
Above, left to right:John Varvatos Corduroy Duffle, $795, available at Nordstrom, Spiewak Pearson Duffle, $278, available at Urban Outfitters.
Above, left to right: Marc by Marc Jacobs Checked Stadium Coat, $437, available at Bluefly, Ralph Lauren Rugby Wool Toggle Coat, $395, available at Rugby.

Above, left to right: Dior Homme Gabardine Duffle, D Collection Captain Toggle Coat $188 at Urban Outfitters.

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