Big Chill

Stay warm with 20 of the coolest coats and jackets for him all under $300. By Marjon Carlos
It's a bit poetic that as soon as the Dow Jones's numbers started heading south, the temperature briskly followed.
But anyone who knows us over at Refinery 29, knows full well that we don't take any crisis—whether it be sartorial or financial—laying down. We strung our two pennies together and proved resourceful, tracking down 18 men's winter coat and jacket options all for under $300.
More good news? We even surprised ourselves with the choice of cozy and affordable options available. Imagine saving all those Benjamins while you're bedecked in an American classic, deflecting the downfall of stocks in an inviting rain jacket, or confronting the financial market head on in a military inspired top coat? And with the ebb and flow of the weather—and stocks—you'll be ready for just about any forecast headed your way.
Ladies, stay tuned for our women's coats roundup this Friday...
Above, from left: Wrath Arcane Straight Jacket, $226, available at Oak; Woolrich Wool Field Coat, $179, available at Woolrich.
Above, from left: Dunderdon Edwards Wool Jacket, $219, available at Dunderdon; Barbour Classic Durham Jacket, $299, available at Orvis .
Above, from left: D Collection Daper Coat, $248, available at Urban Outfitters; Banana Republic Herringbone Short Zip Military Jacket, $198, available at Banana Republic.
Above, from left: Shades of Greige Twin Zip Peacoat, $252, available at Oak; Woolrich Mountain Parka, $89.50, available at Woolrich.
Above, from left: Dunderon LARS Army Nylon, $299, available at Dunderdon; Heritage 1981 Stevenson Coat, $43.90, available at Forever 21.
Above, from left: J.Crew Long Snorkel Goose Down Puffer Jacket, $298, available at J.Crew; Old Navy Plaid Wool Blend Coat, $60, available at Old Navy.
Above, from left: Spiewak Pearson Duffle Coat, $257, available at Tobi;
L.L. Bean Town and Field Coat, $189-199, available at L.L. Bean.
Above, from left: Ralph Lauren Rugby Wool Toggle Duffle Coat, $274, available at Rugby; Cockpit Hooded Wax Coat, $198, available at Urban Outfitters.
Above, from left: Dunderdon Axleman Waxed Jacket, $198, available at Oak; Fremont Tybalt II Knit Parka, $268, available at Revolve Clothing.
Above, from left: Spiewak Meade Field Jacket, $149, available at Urban Outfitters; Penfield Rockford 80/20 Goose Down Insulated Jacket, $200, available at Tobi.
Stay warm with 20 of the coolest coats and jackets for him all under $300.