David Beckham Attended A Secret Kanye Party With Unidentified Girl(s)

It seems like we weren't the only ones who were rocking out to some music last night (Grizzly Bear! Jay-Z!). David Beckham (whose V Man magazine cover may or may not be taped above a certain someone's desk), was spotted at the secret Kanye West concert at The Box last night with some unidentified "cute-ish British girls." Though Posh was conspicuously absent, Beckham seemed to enjoy himself at the bawdy nightclub, going so far as to ignore West's strict dress code and opt for a beanie instead. Sadly for all those would-be Rebecca Loos, the spy, who must have been particularly sneaky, claimed that "the background on his [...] Blackberry [...] was a picture of his family" (seriously, how close to you have to be to see someone's background??). But we heart David Beckham, and we think he learned his lesson. (The Awl)

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