6 Things To Know This AM — Aug 03 2010

Crazy, NJ housewife Danielle Staub is looking to relocate to a condo close to the Hudson River. We sure hope she's not thinking about becoming the next Real Housewife of New York. (Gawker)
Move over McNally Jackson—indie bookstores are on the rise. (New York Magazine)

We didn't think Lady Gaga could get any more outrageous. Check out her outfit on the cover of
Vanity Fair
. Oh wait, she's not wearing anything. (Fox News)

Vogue alum Sally Singer has made two editorial picks for T Magazine. Can you guess whose names will be added to the masthead? (Styleite)
Remember the third annual Summer Streets Initiative to set up a 6.9 mile stretch of dumpster pools? Well, if you care to take a swim, they are opening next Saturday. Count us out—we'd rather not get a staph infection. (Gothamist)
A ping-pong table is coming to Tompkins Square Park. Whose down for some table tennis? (DNA Info)