Daily Candy For Dudes, Thousand Dollar Extensions And A Hidden Secret Garden

Just tune out the horns and sirens and pretend you're in a magical secret garden(Scouting NY)
A new MAC location that's perfect for tourists who want a quick makeover! (Racked)
50,000 bucks on hair that's not even yours...? WTF? (Stylelist)
Nordstrom Rack is comin' to town, and it doesn't look ready at all! (Shophound)
if the smell of Hollister's cologne doesn't get you, then these studs will (maybe)...(Racked)
Men like candy too right? Well Daily Candy definitely likes men judging by their debut of DailyManCandy(Daily Candy)
This guy walked every street on Manhattan and made this website so we didn't have to! (New York City Walk)