Consider This Permission To Steal Your Dad’s Sweatshirt The Next Time You Visit

Thanks to buzzy streetwear brands like HBA and Vetements, slightly frumpy sweatshirts — the kind that you've tended to skip over at thrift stores in favor of slimmer fits and flashier logos — are becoming the cult item to own in fashion circles. You could go full-on designer with a deconstructed, four-figure pullover, but chances are, you already have easy access to them. They're either tucked away in your childhood closet and bearing the name of your then-favorite band or skate brand, or in your dad's closet, bearing the name of a corporate brand who made a bunch of free sweatshirts to give away at conventions.
Either way, it's time to dig them out. Wear them with track pants and loafers for a full-on lazy-Saturday-in-the-man-cave look or pair one with more sophisticated items to balance things out. Click through to see how people wore them to Fashion Week and scope some ideas for how to wear yours once you've fetched one of your own.

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