Cynthia Rowley Shows Us How To Belt A Dress Right At The Aesthete Dinner

We could all use some TGIF sartorial inspiration, right? C'mon girls, you're not a allowed to use the excuse "I don't know what to wear" to justify staying in tonight. Just take a cue from Cynthia Rowley, who got extra-creative with her cocktail look at Wednesday's dinner hosted by Joe Fresh's Joe Mimran and The Aesthete. Honoring the artist Richard Phillips, it's no wonder the designer chose to be crafty, cinching a gold flower-encrusted kimono-type dress with a heavy-duty belt (not to mention those flawless stems and studded stilettos).
Rowley put her best-dressed face forward with a clutch of other Phillips' devotees, including Johan Lindeberg, Annabel Tollman, and David Salle. Despite the throng, we (luckily) got an up-close peep at Rowley's cinched-perfection during her wonderful speech, where she talked about Phillips' insanely specific attention to detail and how it makes his work so sublime. We could say the same thing about you, Cynthia!
Click on over to The Aesthete to read more about Phillips, and don't forget to not hibernate tonight — we've officially used up your last excuse. (No, the cold doesn't count.)

Photo: Neil Rasmus/