Sky-High Platforms That Are Practical & SO Cute

There are always just a few parameters on which to judge a pair of shoes: comfort and appearance. Even though we've had to learn the hard way that the latter should matter less than the former, we can't help but treat ourselves to a good-lookin' pair of shoes every now and again. And right now, we've got our eyes set on statement platforms that give us a little of both.
Soaring at three to five-inch heights, these platforms make anyone look like they've got legs worthy of their own glossy magazine cover. And despite how unpractical they might look, these sky-high platforms are actually an essential in many a fashion girl's wardrobe. Why? Because the thick heels and supportive platforms beat out a stiletto any day. We'd certainly would rather be wobbling on something with a little more square footage than a skinny-mini heel that's going to fall into every crack on the sidewalk. Wouldn't you?
And to add to their appeal, these guys are totally seasonless. Because while you can wear them with nothing now, they also look killer with socks or tights come fall. So to brighten up your Monday, we're goin' up with these sky-high heels — click on to fall in love with a pair for yourself.