31 Pairs Of Everyday Undies Your Drawer Needs Now

Bras are the scene stealers of our underwear drawer. So much so that we've written entire posts about how to wear them in public and style 'em with your trickiest dress silhouettes. We even made an MVP list of our all-time favorites.
Our skivvies, on the other hand, have been playing second fiddle for far too long. So, we figure it's time to show our bottom halves the same love we've been giving to our girls up top.
And, we're not being cheeky when we say the underwear in this slideshow is so darn cute you'll want the whole lot. What's more, they're not those super-frilly, only-for-romance styles you'll end up banishing to the nether regions of your closet. The 30-plus styles ahead will hold up to everyday wear and keep you looking (and feeling) your best. Even if you're the only one who notices.