The Gender-Inclusive Toys Beloved By Sex Therapists & Senior Citizens

As a proud bisexual, I like to think of June as my time to be celebrated. Every time I walk around my bustling Queens neighborhood and see a Pride flag posted outside someone’s door, I get a little verklempt. It makes my heart fuller to know that whether or not another LGBTQ+ person lives within their queer-spangled entry, they accept me. That's the power of Pride month — universal acceptance and inclusion. It doesn't matter which stripe of the flag you identify with, Pride month means you get to not only be seen but also shine. This is why I feel it's my queer duty to tell you about Cute Little Fuckers, the gender-inclusive sex toy company that made headlines in 2019 after tripling its original Kickstarter goal. The brand was created by, and for, nonbinary people in an attempt to make sex toys more accessible. And they’ve succeeded in spades (and then some). Seriously. As I scrolled through the hundreds of five-star reviews, I was surprised to see comments from not only the gender-diverse clientele I expected but also a wide array of differently-abled people and even senior citizens who also found the toys perfect for their needs.

[Senior citizens] went crazy over it!

jane fleishman, PhD, certified sexuality educator & cute little fuckers reviewer
"They went crazy over it!" says a sexual educator's review of her senior center demo. "Many of them suffer from some type of arthritis in their hands and realized, when they started playing with it, that they loved how accessible it is." The gentle vibrations can also be used as massagers, and the easy-to-hold toys are especially great for people who experience chronic pain. Of the brand's most popular toy, a Pokémon-looking star named Starsi, one reviewer gushed, "I haven't found [a vibrator] gentle enough to not trigger pain flares and painful orgasms until the Starsi. The shape of it helps me to avoid any overstimulation in one area. I was able to have a painless orgasm. I could cry I'm so happy."

It turns out, whether intentionally or unintentionally, these 100% silicone waterproof toys have reached all kinds of different demographics who found comfort in the toys' accessible designs. As I browsed the site, it was easy to see why. The quirky-looking toys are broken into inclusive categories like internal, external, and butt-safe, bypassing the usual sex toy site labels of “for him” and “for her.” And each CLF (Cute Little Fucker, affectionately) is introduced with their name, pronouns, interests, and origin story. The light, whimsical tone of the site immediately put me at ease, and the wide and wacky array of monster-themed toys in all kinds of shapes, colors, and textures couldn't help but make me smile. They are —literally — cute little fuckers.

"I'm so happy to buy sex toys that support queer disabled folks because I too am queer and disabled!" raves Liz, a first-time toy user, in her review. "I avoided sex toys in the past because they were too intimidating, but these little buddies are adorable."

I avoided sex toys in the past because they were too intimidating, but these little buddies are adorable.

The obvious draw (besides the toys' adorable pages and "personalities") is that none of the toys emulate any kind of biological body part, which is fantastic news for gender-diverse people who don’t want to risk triggering gender dysphoria during their playtime. According to the Mayo Clinic, gender dysphoria is “the feeling of discomfort or distress that might occur in people whose gender identity differs from their sex assigned at birth or sex-related physical characteristics.” And when it comes to sex toys, there are seemingly endless veiny, flesh-colored options that look (and sometimes feel) all too real. So, if you’re not looking to get dicked down by a toy that looks like — well — a dick, then this is the sex toy company for you. This has made them an attractive choice not only to gender-diverse customers but also to sexual trauma victims who want to experience pleasure without being reminded of specific genitalia. As the website says, these toys were designed to be used creatively, making them accessible for any kind of body, no matter their age, shape, mobility, or biology.

Cute Little Fuckers are the strongest vibrators I've felt in such a small form. And I have worked at for years, I've felt vibrators.

Jerr, Cute Little Fuckers Reviewer
Needless to say, I'm not alone in being obsessed with these quirky fuckers, which are currently available in identity-specific, flag-colored bundles for Pride. Meet all the CLFs below, and grab one today. They're made for everyone (yes, even you!) and are literally out of this world.
Shimmer is the newest CLF in the bunch, a gender-queer vibrator whose pronouns are "I like them all!" — which is really all you need to know about the ultra-versatile toy. Like all Cute Little Fuckers, Shimmer! is designed to be used creatively. Its five-vibration settings feel good literally anywhere you want to put them (but the curved shape is specifically designed for g-spot and prostate stimulation). Not only that, but its ergonomic base makes it easy to grip, allowing you to get maximum pleasure on all those hard-to-reach spots on yourself or your partner, no matter what your level of mobility is.
Cute Little Fuckers
Trinity! is a must-have Cute Little Fucker for anyone looking to bestow internal pleasure on themselves or a partner. Its flared base makes it strap-on compatible and anal-friendly. Her bio reads, "Trinity is perfect for inserting into all sorts of sneaky places." Just make sure to take extra care in cleaning their extra nooks and crannies!
This cone-shaped vibrator is a versatile dream. It can double as a clit stimulator or an anal plug. Plus, its small stature makes it easy to hold with an open hand so you can have additional use of your fingers while you explore with it. Reviewers also noted it was "surprisingly strong" for such a wee thing. If you're looking for a multifunctional, travel-friendly vibe, Princette! is a must-have.

Starsi!, $79

This best-selling CLF is a crowd-pleaser. With hundreds of emphatic five-star reviews from a wide range of consumers — everyone from arthritis-having senior citizens who found it easy to hold to trauma survivors who enjoyed the non-threatening star shape to trans folx who loved being able to completely hide their genitalia during playtime) — this adorable vibe is the easiest purchase you'll make this week. One reviewer adds, "A surprising little side note, I started using it as a packer from time to time and the euphoria from having star-shaped junk is 10/10." There's nothing Starsi! can't do!

Jix!, $84

This wand-shaped toy is slim enough for beginners but powerful enough to keep even the most seasoned pro satisfied. It can be used easily with a partner to hold or insert inside themselves for simultaneous stimulation. Or grab the smaller end as a handle for solo pleasure. Though some reviewers found Jix! "too plain" compared to the other CLFs, many felt its simplicity made it even more beginner-friendly.

Zeep!, $69

The leaf-shaped Zeep! has all kinds of unique curves and textures to keep things interesting. The silicone ranges in firmness, giving you a wide range of options for what kind of stimulation you want. Not to mention, the fine-pointed end packs a real specific punch exactly where you want it. For a small toy (that can fit in your palm), Zeep! leaves a big impact. "It’s like a never-ending Rubik's cube of pleasure," one reviewer states. Level up now.
For a limited time, you can purchase a Cute Little Fucker Pride bundle in the colors of identity-centric flags. Whether you're nonbinary, bisexual, intersex, genderqueer, aromantic, or something else entirely, there's a flag that represents you, and Cute Little Fuckers wants to celebrate that with some of its best-selling sex toys. Grab your bundle now and celebrate yourself all year long.
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