A Week Of Wearing Summer Clothing For Fall

Photographed by Beth Sacca.
At this point, your browser is probably inundated with summer-to-fall transitional clothing stories (we're guilty of it too!). Though I've experienced the changing of seasons for the past 24 years, every year I'm met with panic and surprise. Who is Fall Michelle? What styles do I want to try? Maybe I want to start wearing cashmere turtlenecks and dress like someone who calls fall 'autumn' instead?
This fall — I tried saying 'autumn,' it's not for me — I've decided I want to be someone who doesn't let the changing of the seasons change me, and not just because the seasonal closet switch-out is exhausting and stuffing my favorite summer clothes into a plastic bin in a dark storage space fills me with so much guilt. This year, I'm keeping my warm weather items on-hand and giving them the opportunity to feel the fresh crisp fall breeze. They worked so hard through months of humidity — they deserve this.
Ahead, I chose seven pieces of clothing that have been staples of my summer wardrobe and fall-proofed them. The week was an ode to the end of summer — my final goodbye to hot dogs on the beach and running around with only a scarf as a top. Click on to see how I took pieces like flip-flops and Hawaiian shirts to new pumpkin spice heights.
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