Crystal Clear

Designer Gia Bahm bids you to choose wisely. Just as she takes her time harmonizing the history and opposing forces that define her new line, Unearthen, so should you consider the distinct powers and potential in each of her crystal creations.
The design of Unearthen necklaces centers around a stark and potent union between the bullet and the crystal. Violence and destruction meet restoration and creation in pieces that recognize the dramatic struggles and conflicts of everyday living, and, in turn, offer a source of strength and protection.
A bullet casing binds either a single crystal or a collection of different crystals, each with its own character. Take Black Tourmaline, a stone known to repel and protect against negativity. Or Kyanite, said to stimulate communication and the continuation of projects. The combination of these crystals creates not only a formidable and complimentary force, but also a visually striking accessory.
With a wide range of carefully chosen stones, casings, and combinations, deciding upon an Unearthen piece requires careful consideration. As Bahm describes, "the stone with the right properties for your needs will inherently attract you." And if for some reason you can't quite hear the call, then the Unearthen site will guide you through the curative qualities of each stone.
Once your choice has been made, your stone comes packaged in a vial with a cork top that rests in a wooden box. A small bag of sea salt sits on the side, ready to cleanse your crystal of outside energy. Let it soak for a few hours and the stone becomes entirely your own, a keepsake that protects like a shield and balances the extremes of everyday life in style.
From $280, Unearthen is available in New York at Earnest Sewn, 821 Washington Street, 212-242-3414, and at The Good The Bad and The Ugly, 85 Kenmare Street, 212-473-3769. For more information, go to
Photography by Steven Krebs
Unearthen jewelry uncovers the power in choosing the perfect piece.

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