11 Crazy Subway Moments You Have To See To Believe

We've seen New York subways serve as dance floors and stages to the city's budding performers, but we've never seen the underground transport system double as — wait for it — a water park. Earlier this week, a water main broke at 13th Street and Seventh Avenue, sending gallons of water flooding over cars and into stations nearby. The 1, 2, and 3 trains suffered delays (yes, even more than usual). During the deluge, 500 passengers were evacuated. Thankfully, no one was hurt — except maybe the MTA's already depleting ego. 
The incident really got us thinking: Why are underground anomalies so much fun to witness? The annual No Pants Ride is one of our favorite NYC subway moments of the year (small, enclosed spaces with strangers in their undies gets us going, every time). But, maybe it's simpler than all that. When they're not totally annoying, strange subway occurrences make us smile simply by breaking the monotony of our daily commutes. 
In honor of making every day more exciting, we've rounded up the nuttiest New York subway moments in recent history. What would you do if they happened to you?!