Craziest Comments! Cinco De Mayo, Goth Get-Ups, And Lots Of Pick-Up Lines

It's finally Friday and we're ready for the weekend! But before you run out and get a jump start on your Saturday, we've got another round of our commenting contests comin-atchya! This week, instead of finding the "best of the rest" we've chosen our craziest comments that were just too, umm, good to ignore. To score a snuggly sweater from designer Whit, we asked for your wittiest (and apparently weirdest) pick-up lines you've ever heard. From Brannen's foot-long follower to a Refinery29 cover-girl pickup, these comments had us cracking up! We've even thrown in a few of our favorite pics you posted in hopes of winning a dinner date with glam-goth gent Andrew Mukamal. But that's not all! Wwe included some Cinco De Mayo plans with Tyra Banks and a gangsta dream cruise with all the "fine ladies of Refinery". Holllaaa!!

Whit contest

brannen vick:"Do you work at subway? cuz you're giving me a footlong."

Katherine: i put the STD in stud now all i need is u
maivy:"You're eyes are so pretty. Like blue water in my toilet."
SawahTee:Are you from Pearl Harbor 'cause you're da bomb!!

:Didnt i see you on the cover page of refinery29?

:Baby I'll treat you like my homework: Slam you on the table and do you all night long.

Eniaral: Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?
Cate:"This isn't a beer belly, it's a fuel tank for the love machine."

Brenda:You look like someone i have seen in a movie i just can't remember which one we could discuss it .I am on the way to the opera would you like to join me?

tristtzara:I'm totally pervin on the demeanor of your weaner

Tretorn competition

Hova Lugozi
Cruising the Caribbean with the fine young ladies of Refinery 29...think Jay-Z in Big Pimpin.

Pamela Love competition:

Paige: Anywhere there's enough babes, beers, and burritos!


Well, it's Wednesday which means it's Tyra de Mayo! I'll be home with the girls, watching this week's episode and drinking margaritas.