10 Products That Work Better Than Concealer

No matter what makeup look or trend you’re trying to tackle in the morning, if you wake up to a breakout, all of your attention immediately shifts from picking an eyeliner to figuring out how to hide your lumps and bumps from the world.
Generally speaking, no one likes a caked-on makeup look. Even if we spent two straight hours caking on a face, we sure as hell don’t want anyone to know it — or be able to tell. So, when it comes to pesky pimples, we’re always on the lookout for any and every trick to cover up our breakouts without looking like there's an inch of makeup involved.
While there are plenty of great concealers out there to help with this, there are also plenty of other great products that help hide your zits and make concealers look like total amateur hour — rather than spackling on the cover-up, these tips and shortcuts will make sure the world never knows there was a pimple there at all.
We called upon some of our makeup-artist and Instagram-influencer friends to spill on their favorite tricks to help reduce inflammation, flatten pimples, and even fill in acne scars. So you can get back to that very important eyeliner saga.
The grown-up guide to dealing with acne. Read more from The Acne Diaries here.

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