Shea Marie Of Cheyenne Meets Chanel Says, “Don’t Leave Town Without Your Maxi!”

We've been serving up spot-on evening style tips from some exceptionally dressed young ladies in our Night Moves series. But we've yet to hit on one of the trickiest twilight-time situations — a night on the town in an unfamiliar vacation spot. Luckily, Shea Marie — the beautiful blogger behind Cheyenne Meets Chanel — has a packing recommendation perfect for an evening jaunt in any city, no matter how far from home. Shea Marie of Cheyenne Meets Chanel
With summer approaching fast around the corner, there’s one thing surely to be on all of our minds — vacation! Most of us spend the year planning, saving for, and looking forward to those few special days or weeks where we get to relax on our own sandy beach. And for many of us, that means a lot of planning regarding what to wear. While dressing in the day for a beachside vacation can be pretty simple (a bathing suit and T-shirt will do), what to wear at night (especially for those of us used to the cold) can be a bit trickier. Having lived along the beach in Southern California my whole life, I’d love to share a few tricks and tips.
First off, I can’t stress the importance of the maxi-dress enough. From California to Miami, Brazil to the Mediterranean, nothing says "effortless beach bombshell" like a beautiful, long maxi-dress. The keyword here is "effortless." A piece that you can just slip over your head that falls easily to the ground. Since your legs will be covered, it’s safe to show some skin elsewhere, so tube-tops or low backs are a must. Choose colors that accentuate your tan, sun-kissed skin, like creams, pinks, yellows, and turquoises. Materials should be thin, silk-like or cotton, and should flow easily in the wind.
Keep your hair beach-wavy and your face makeup minimal. Although you may have spent an hour getting ready, the key is to appear as if this gorgeous look took you only minutes to achieve. It’s absolutely acceptable to wear flats, particularly with a maxi-dress. In most beach cities, especially in the more remote areas, heels become unnecessary and an inconvenience. Opt for a thin, flat, strappy sandal. Golds and bronzes tend to match with everything.
Lastly, but of course, not least — accessorize. You don’t want to overdo it here. When wearing a long dress, accessories should be minimal. Choose one place to accessorize, whether that be long, dangly earrings or some gold and turquoise bangles. All in all, less is more — and the key to keep in mind for your nights out on vacation this summer. Think natural, think seamless, and think effortless.

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