Bizarre Fashion Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

The fashion industry has a reputation for making work fantasies a reality — whether it's landing that job of your dreams, which syncs your career with your hobby, or falling into the job of your nightmares, which is equal parts competitive and absurd. You've surely heard of the latter: There are countless fables about that member of a designer's posse whose main duty involves pouring carbonated beverages out of a can and into a glass, as well as tales of assistants who spend their days printing out emails for bosses who refuse to go digital. And with urban legends contending with real-life friend-of-a-friend stories for Most Ludicrous, it can be tough to tell fact from fiction.
And then there's the third kind: a chimera of a fashion position so rare, so delightfully weird, and so unusual that you figure it's got to be a sham...until you suss out that it's all too real. We took a look at descriptions of some of the most bizarro jobs that keep the fashion world interesting.

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