19 Show-Off Beauty Products Made For Double-Taps

Photo via @mariadelrusso
Whether you’re a diehard Snapchatter or an Instagram Stories convert — RIP, Vine — chances are BTS beauty never ceases to be prime content for your feed. And while there’s nothing wrong with another Sunday-night selfie with your go-to mask, sharing your self-care is even better when it comes with a side of special effects.
In fact, you might have noticed an uptick in the number of playful posts that prompt one universal reaction: What is that?! The fact is, we're in an era of beauty buys that pack active ingredients and special skills. To wit: Face masks that go on with a chrome finish, or bubble up while clearing your pores, practically scream to be shared. Now that beauty insiders have officially lifted the veil on, well, just about everything, one could even assume that the newest beauty show-offs were made with social media in mind. (Which came first: the show-off mask or the IG post that tripled sales?) Either way, they're well worth a share.
Ahead, we've rounded up masks, lip colors, and more — all of which have secret talents. Ready for your big reveal?

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