Mourn Vine With Its Best 6-Second Viral Videos

Today, we mourn the loss of an app that brought us laughter, tears, and many six-second loops of joy. Twitter, after announcing that it is cutting 9% of its staff, has announced that it is discontinuing Vine, the app where you could create short, often nonsensical looping videos. No other medium has managed to capture the craziness and quirkiness of humanity (and the animal kingdom) in quite the same way as Vine. Here, we've gathered our favorite vines — many of which have been shared in memoriam across Twitter. May these genius loops RIP. (Note: Make sure to click the bottom right-hand corner of each for sound.)
The French bulldog who made a truly terrifying sound.
Kanye being Kanye.
The musical wonder that is a shovel-guitar mashup.
The rubber ducks that created the greatest wail known to man.
The sea otter who got jiggy to some Jamaican beats.
The ridiculously happy dog who danced to Toto's "Africa."
Cheesecake. Sensational.
The young child who lost his cool in the stands.
The rogue lawn mower that sought freedom in the sky.
The raddest llama of all time.
And, because it's Halloween:
The world will truly never be the same.

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