This Contouring Hack Will Save You So Much Money

As the unofficial contouring guru here at Refinery29, I've tried just about every type of face-sculpting product out there, from basic powders to long-lasting tantouring. But despite all the different formulas I've experimented with, the most natural-looking technique I've discovered isn't created with contouring products at all. Instead, it's done by sculpting with concealer and foundation.
This approach is a favorite among red carpet makeup artists for its subtle results and is done using two shades of face product. The first one should be two to three shades deeper than your natural skin tone (we used foundation), and the second one should be one to two shades lighter (we used concealer). Bonus? It's a great way to use face products that prove to be too light or dark once you get them home.
How does it work? You apply the colors in a similar fashion to traditional shading, by swiping the product onto the contours and high points of your face. But once blended, the result is more natural-looking. Plus, since you're already using foundation or concealer there's no need to apply any other skin-perfecting products over or under your work, which also means you'll get a lighter result overall.
We admit that contouring in any fashion can be intimidating. Where do you put the deeper hues? How do you blend? To answer these questions and more, we tapped makeup artist Clarissa Luna to walk us through the basics on model Thayná Santos. Check out the step-by-step, ahead.

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