How Do You Really Feel About Contouring?

There are a lot of pieces to the contour culture puzzle. It's simultaneously considered shameful and empowering by onlookers and users. On one hand, it's not okay to prepetuate the idea of flawlessness. It causes unobtainable beauty standards. When you think about it, contouring has all the elements of making women appear thinner and always perfect. It's the same as photoshopping models in magazines, except you are the palette. On the other side of the argument, makeup is fun. When you understand what it can do, you can really find your own identity and voice by trying out new looks. It doesn't mask you — it enhances what you already have. Mi-Anne Chan, Refinery29's editorial beauty assistant, spoke to three contouring virgins about their first experience trying the technique and their REAL feelings about contouring culture.

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