Coney Island Gets A Furniture Line, Shepard Fairey’s Legal Mural Is Actually Illegal, And Is Anna Worried About What Oprah Will Wear To The Met Gala?

Red Hook furniture company Uhuru has created Coney Island-inspired furniture. Coney Dog (or barf bag) not included. (The Cut)
Shepard Fairey's legal mural may actually be illegal. Doesn't anybody understand art anymore? (Animal)
We know Anna Wintour handpicked Oprah to co-host the Met Costume Gala. But can she control her fashion choices? (NY Post)
There are indie shops on the Upper East Side? You could have fooled us! (Time Out)
A t-shirt vendor becomes the hero of Times Square, giving all retail employees hope for a fulfilling and successful future as vigilantes. (Cityroom)