Get On The Nice List With Community Collection’s (Designer) Do-Gooder Goodies

Not only is this the busiest, most draining season ever, but it is also the time of the year where we are constantly (and rightly) reminded of how fortunate we are. If only we could clone ourselves to be the perfect daughters, friends, and global citizens?
Well, we can't offer just that, but we can suggest a way to shop like the savvy gal you are and also assuage your inner do-gooder. A new L.A.-based, time-sensitive sale site called Community Collection taps designers like Erin Wasson or Mackage to curate their own collections that then benefit a foundation close to their heart. When a purchase is made — at normal retail prices — 20% of the cost of the item goes to a predetermined charity. That's right, you're basically getting some style-superstars to curate your holiday shopping lists for you, while making a donation to charity without paying anything extra. Almost sounds too good to be true, right?
Not only are you giving to those in need, but you also get a glimpse into what fashion's greatest take most seriously: The Olsens opt for Heal The Bay, DVF gives to Girls Inc., and Helmut Lang believes in Flying Kites. The second-best thing about the site is that after you've made your purchase, you receive an email that breaks down exactly how your contribution was used by the organization. The actual best thing? Seeing the rad designers, from Current/Elliot to LNA, that Community Collection has on their roster.